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There's a Solution for whatever is stopping you from getting a home
We'll find the Solution and get you the results you're wanting - It's what we do
What stopping You?
  • Can't find the right home
  •  Not knowing where to start
  • Fear and Hesitation
  • Low credit score 
  • No down payment saved
  • New Job
We Can Help Fix It and get you into the home you want
🗝️ The key to getting a home is finding the solutions to what's stopping you
Usually there's something keeping you from getting a home, and it creates this BIG GAP between where you are now and the home you want

Finding the solution to get across this GAP is what's hard, and it's aggravating because you may not know what to do or how to do it
If it was a river we'd use a boat, if it was an ocean we'd use a plane, if it was Space we'd use a rocket 🚀 

Here's the truth, there's only 1 way to change this situation and that's finding a solution to get across Your GAP
This is exactly what we do for you
Back when I bought my first home it was exactly the same as it is today,  and by "the same" I mean it was HARD

It took me 3 years to get across my GAP and even then I didn't do it myself

It was a real estate investor that helped me find a solution and showed me how to get across my GAP
Anyone can do it, I'm proof of that, but why spend years trying to find a way?

My team and I will show you step-by step how to make it happen, we're going to get you across your GAP
We'll help you get into the home your wanting

Can't Find the Right Home
You've likely been looking at homes on a search site like zillow or Realtor,com

It can get frustrating looking through all of those homes and never seeing the right "one" 

This is specially true when you're need to sell your house to buy your next one, but can't find the one you want

The truth is - Your Home is out there, you just can't find it because you don't have all the tools

Here's how we help:

1- We have a secret inventory of Pocket Listings. These are people that want to sell just as soon as we find them their next home, which we always do

2- You've got a wish list, right? Using our Predictive Sales Recognition System™ we'll find you the homes you'll love, and then we ask the owners to sell

3- There's BIG benefits to using my team. You'll get access to every home for sale in the Realtors MLS. This is their very protected list of every local home for sale

With all of these options you'll know before most others, what's available, even if it isn't for sale yet
Not Knowing Where to Start
This is similar to Fear and Hesitation in the sense that people tend to give up

The difference is realizing you have so many unanswered questions, you're wanting answers and that means you're ready to ask them

Once you understand the process and it's explained in small easy to understand steps, you'll be ready to get over what's stopping you

Whether it's buying your first home or selling and buying the next one, understanding the process and having a system to follow will guarantee success
Fear and Hesitation
Buying a home can be both exciting and scary, and it doesn't matter if it's your first or third

If you're buying another home there's usually the need to sell the current one, and fear can easily get the best of you

When it comes to buying the first home, fear keeps people from making decisions, they fear making a mistake and who can blame them? 

But, it's important to push through the fear and avoid the hesitation

If Fear and Hesitation has slowed you down we can help you

The solution is in getting your questions answered and knowing that you don't have to do it alone

Low Credit Score
Credit scores are important when it comes to buying a home but excellent credit isn't necessary

Most people don't realize that you can buy a home with a credit score as low as 580 

Everyone has a their own situation, so what works for some might not work for others

When it comes to a low credit score there are little things that can be done to get that score up quickly

DO NOT,  start out by using a "Credit Repair" agency, there's a 99% chance they'll take your money and do zero

We've helped people raise their score over 30 points in two weeks, and we charge nothing to help them do it

Increasing credit scores is a bit of a science, but mostly it requires knowing how the rules of how the system works

For example: 1) Paying off a card in full every month can actually drop your score  2) Keeping a $10 balance on unused credit cards can increase your score

Is your credit score stopping you from buying a home? Are you close to a 580 credit score? If so, reach out to us and get the help you need to buy a home
No Down Payment Saved
It's not easy saving money for a down payment. And if we get money saved,  something always breaks, right?

Even when you can save money the price of homes usually goes up faster than you can save

If this sounds like you, then using one of our Down Payment Assistance programs could be the solution

Today you can put down as little as 3% (zero if you're military qualified) to buy a home

The Down Payment programs will give you as much as 5%, so buying a home is possible with less than $1,000 
New Job
The problem with this "wall" is that people have already given up when they hit it

You may have talked to someone that believes everyone with a new job has to wait at least 2 years

I'm here to tell you that's false information, I'm sure they mean well, but they just don't know

~ Have you just graduated from high school or college?
~ Have you recently gotten out of trade school?
~ Did you have on-the-job or Military training?

There are 100's of ways that let you buy a home, even if you've just started your job

It's so important to talk to the right people and get solutions that break down the wall and get you a home
We've helped 100's find a winning solution and we can help you too
We're here to help, that's what we do

There's only one way to do that, we've got to be 100% honest with you and some people can't handle the truth. 

BUT ... once the truth is known, then we find the solution and get past whatever it is that's in the way
Here it is - I'm not going to lie to you, it's about helping you see what needs to be done to get you into a home. It's not about anything else

There's an issue that is keeping you from getting a home and my team and I are here to help you find the solution and work through it

That's my No-Bullshit Guarantee
Client Testimonial
I don't know how I could have made it happen without Ryan
Having Ryan's experience and knowledge is exactly what I needed, there's no way I would have gotten through this without him. Right from the beginning he put his team into action, he got me approved for a home loan and also introduced me to an agent. 

When I did encounter some problems with the seller, Ryan was right there to straighten it out and I felt like he was protecting me every step of the way. He even negotiated a reduced escrow fee and got the seller to give me more money towards my costs!

I will recommend Ryan to everyone - if you're buying or selling you better have Ryan on your side!

Mike Burdelas

About Me
Personal Real Estate Coach
Lender, Investor & Mentor
I'm a down to earth guy that loves life and believe it's meant to be enjoyed each and every day
I've earned my success through determination, learning what works and more importantly what doesn't work. Success is about finding a way, identifying opportunities and making things happen

I'm also very passionate about family, business and helping others. These create the Keystone of my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way
  • Personal Coach: Helping others with their Real Estate Dreams
  •  Mortgage Lending: Making Home Loans Happen
  •  Investor:​Flipping and Rental Properties
  • Mentor: Helping others build successful businesses


Get from where you are to where you want to be.
With my guidance you'll know exactly what needs to be done to reach your goals
There's no need to worry, you have a team to handle the process for you. When you have questions, you'll get honest answers and great solutions

Achieve Your Goals Easier

A winning team makes it happen
I’ve  personally bought and sold millions of dollars’ worth of property. I've helped hundreds of others and I can help you too
Things are simplified when you've got the right person, someone you can trust, as part of your team

Saving Money

It's a lot of money, we've got to be smart about it
It's too easy to waste money when buying or selling a house, even a small mistake can cost thousands
I've developed a way to save you money, keeping more in your pocket. We'll put this system to work for you

Insider Tips and Secrets

Now you have a friend on the "inside"
When you're in the real estate business for as long as I have been, you gain knowledge and develop systems that make a difference
Getting a home loan isn't hard to do, but you've got to know the secrets to make it happen easier and faster
Hear From Client Success Stories

Libby L.

Ryan was referred by a good friend so I called him, and I'm glad I did!  Everything seemed to flow flawlessly, from learning about the home buying process, to meeting the perfect agent and quickly getting a home loan approval.  Super Awesome Experience!

Julie & Ed

Where do I start? Ryan over delivered! Our house sold quickly and we saved a lot of money on the  realtor commission. We were quickly approved for a home loan and Ryan helped us focus on our dream home. His guidance led us to the perfect one, right down to the sunsets we wanted.  He's a great person, we're blessed
Nothing needs to stop you
We'll help you find a solution


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