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Welcome to the
7-Day Challenge

achieving your home ownership goals Faster than you'd ever dreamed
the #1 step: The Home Loan Pre-Qualification
The reason everyone should start here is because without this information you just don't know what your next steps are. 

The information you will gain from the Loan Pre-Qualification tells you a lot:
  •  How much money you'll be able to spend
  •  How much of your own money you'll need
  •  What loan program is best for you
  •  If there's anything on your credit to fix
  •  How quickly you can close your home loan
Home Loan Application 
There's no reason to worry about the Home Loan Pre-Qualification, with me helping you through the process it will be much easier than you think. 
What are the things that most people need to show?

2 years of W2's
Your most recent pay stub
2 months of bank statements

That's it, I make it very simple !
Your assignment here is to log into my lending site and complete the home loan application. Access the Loan Application securely below.
If you have questions about the loan application you may email me:   Applicationhelp@RyanMihld.com 
Want to talk to me before doing the application?
▼▼ Make an appointment and I will give you a call or text ▼▼
Here's a document checklist SAMPLE to download, this will give you an idea of what some banks require in order to get a home loan. 

This is a long list, but not everything applies to everyone, the lists are changed depending on the borrower.
Here are the other items you need to complete during the 7-Day Challenge
Buying a Home - Great Questions to Ask Yourself
These are questions that will make you think and help you realize what's really important to you about buying a home. 
I like to help people dig deep, so that you have a better idea of exactly what you want in a home, as well as what you DON'T want.

You'll notice it starts of with Your "Why"

This is important because the "Why" you're buying a home is what powers the dream!
You need to download this document, and fill it out the very best you can. Then you need to save it to a file in your computer (some computers need to use "print to pdf" to save the file). 
Once you email these answers to me I will build a Custom Home Search just for you. I have a powerful system that tracks every home that is for sale in the MLS.

With this custom search system you'll receive an email immediately when a home matches what you're looking for. 

This gives you the ability to see it before other buyers do because zillow's data covers less and is often a few days behind. 

How much is Your House Worth?
In this document you're going to be able to tell me a lot about your house. The idea here is to give me enough information that I can help you find out how much it's worth.

Occasionally I will need pictures as well, but that doesn't happen very often. 

Download this form, fill it out and save it just as you did the "Great Questions to Ask Yourself" form. 

Email the answered form back to me and I will get to work on finding the value of your house.
Once we know what houses like yours are selling for in your area, then we'll know what can be done to make it sell quickly and for the MOST mount of money. 

Sell your house for TOP Dollar and sell it Fast
Buyers like to buy a house that is in great shape and shows like a model home, right?

It's not possible to make every home look like a model home, but it is possible to make the house show its very best.

I've included a couple of ebooks I wrote that include tips on getting your house prepared to sell. 

There are many things you can do for just pennies and these simple little tricks will help your house sell fast and for more money.
These ebooks are full of great tips and tricks that really work. I know because I have used them myself over the years and so have other sellers. 
7-Day Challenge Checklist
  • Home Loan Pre-Qualification - completed loan application 
  •  Great Questions Form Completed and emailed to Ryan -- 7daychallenge@RyanMihld.com
  •  Home Property Analysis From Completed and emailed to Ryan -- 7daychallenge@RyanMihld.com
  •  Download and Read How to get Top Dollar Fast
  •  Download and Read Room by Room Review - 101 Tips
  •  Schedule a Consultation with Ryan
  • I know you can make this happen! I will be helping you complete this 7-Day Challenge, watch for emails from me !
Here's to Your Success,
   Ryan Mihld
Client Testimonial
I don't know how I could have made it happen without Ryan
Having Ryan's experience and knowledge is exactly what I needed, there's no way I would have gotten through this without him. Right from the beginning he put his team into action, getting me approved for a home loan and also introduced me to an agent. 

When I did encounter some problems with the seller, Ryan was right there to straighten it out and I felt like he was protecting me every step of the way. He even negotiated a reduced escrow fee and got the seller to give me more money towards my costs!

I will recommend Ryan to everyone - if you're buying or selling you better have Ryan on your side!

Mike Burdelas

Hear From Client Success Stories

Libby L.

Ryan was referred by a good friend so I called him, and I'm glad I did!  Everything seemed to flow flawlessly, from learning about the home buying process, to meeting the perfect agent and quickly getting a home loan approval.  Super Awesome Experience!

Julie & Ed

Where do I start? Ryan over delivered! Our house sold quickly and we saved a lot of money on the  realtor commission. We were quickly approved for a home loan and Ryan helped us focus on our dream home. His guidance led us to the perfect one, right down to the sunsets we wanted.  He's a great person, we're blessed
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